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Australia-United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement

Your Australia-UK FTA: GenesisCare

Key information

  • Company founded: 2005
  • Approx. employees (worldwide): 5,000
  • Approx. employees (Australia): 1,500 clinical staff in Australia
  • Australian HQ: Sydney

GenesisCare is a leading provider of private cancer care in Australia and the UK. With 5000 highly trained healthcare professionals and support staff in Australia, the U.K., Spain, China and the United States, GenesisCare designs innovative treatments to care for people with all types of cancer and heart disease. Across the globe, GenesisCare sees more than 400,000 patients over 440 specialised care centres, offering diagnostics, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, cardiology and sleep services.

In the UK, GenesisCare aims to create partnerships with leading healthcare organisations, vendors and partners including the National Health Service, to support improvement in the oncology pathway across the UK. It is already one of the leading independent providers of advanced and innovative radiotherapy and cancer therapies. This includes installing the UK’s first MRIdian system for MRI-guided radiotherapy, revolutionising treatment for difficult-to-treat tumours such as central lung and pancreatic. Its oncology centre in London, is the most advanced radiotherapy centre in Europe. GenesisCare, offers Theranostics treatments for metastatic prostate cancer (177Lutetium PSMA therapy and Radium-223 therapy). It was the first UK healthcare provider to offer patients 177Lutetium PSMA therapy and has so far treated more people than any other provider in the UK.

GenesisCare believes the Australia-UK Free Trade Agreement will be important for supporting high standards of healthcare and encouraging innovation in new medical technologies. It hopes the FTA will increase the movement of healthcare talent across the two countries and enhance recognition of professional qualifications.

James McArthur, General Manager of GenesisCare UK
Photo credit: GenesisCare

James McArthur, General Manager of GenesisCare UK says that exchanging talent and expertise between Australia and the UK will deliver on the shared priority of improving patient outcomes:

“GenesisCare is built on the foundations of improving access to the best possible healthcare, by bringing together the skills, expertise and vision of leading health professionals and investing in world-class innovations.

The FTA will help us to boost this collaboration and deliver on our objectives by enhancing our ability to develop and market innovative technologies, expand our operations and move our talent where we need it to improve outcomes for many cancer patients.”

Case study produced in partnership with with the Australia-UK Chamber of Commerce and the Australian High Commission in the UK.

GenesisCare on the potential benefits of an Australia-UK FTA

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