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MAFTA Quick Guide to Economic Cooperation

Australia and Malaysia are cooperating in five priority areas.

The Agreement established a Malaysia-Australia Automotive Industry Dialogue to help promote engagement between the Malaysian and Australian automotive industries. The two countries are also working together on research and development in the automotive industry, including through technology transfers and academic exchanges.

Australia and Malaysia agreed to strengthen cooperation in agriculture – food, fisheries, forestry and livestock. The quarantine services of both countries will work together to develop a phytosanitary e-certification arrangement.

Malaysia and Australia will work together to develop Malaysia's ecotourism accreditation scheme.

Australia's Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute is working cooperatively with Malaysian academic and business partners on carbon capture and storage technology. The sharing of expertise will help to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

In the area of e-commerce, Australia has assisted Malaysia in the establishment of its Personal Data Protection Department. This will give Australian and Malaysian businesses a greater opportunity to utilise e-commerce effectively.

For more information see MAFTA Economic and Technical Cooperation Fact Sheet for Business.

Information correct as of 16 January 2013

Last Updated: 17 January 2013
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