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MAFTA Quick Guide to Agricultural Products and Processed Foods

Under the Agreement, Malaysia allows large annual increases in import volumes of liquid milk, while maintaining a tariff quota system. Malaysia also provides a liberalised licencing arrangement for liquid milk exporters, which allows access for higher value retail product.

Malaysia eliminated virtually all tariffs on processed foods from entry into force of the Agreement.

Malaysia gave a guarantee that Australian wine exporters will receive the best tariff treatment given to any country.

Malaysia will remove all import licence restrictions on Australian rice from 2023 and eliminate all tariffs three years later.

Malaysia guaranteed tariff-free treatment for the vast majority of agricultural products from entry into force of the Agreement. Australian agrifood exporters of these products benefit from:

  • business-friendly rules of origin provisions. Australian exporters do not need to supply a certificate of origin, but rather a simpler declaration of origin.
  • arrangements which make it easier for Australian goods sellers and investors to work in Malaysia, and to stay for longer periods.

For more information see MAFTA Trade in Goods Fact Sheet for Business.

Information correct as of 16 January 2013

Last Updated: 17 January 2013
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