Cyber affairs play a significant role in Australia’s international relations with other countries. While once a technical, niche issue, Cyber affairs now encompasses a broad range of strategic and international policy issues.

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Ministerial Foreword

We live in the most interconnected era in human history. Instantaneous communications, transactions, and access to information keep our economies growing, infrastructure operating, governments working and people in touch. Technology will continue to fundamentally change the way we live, work and relate to one another.

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Executive summary

Australia's international cyber engagement champions an open, free and secure cyberspace. Through comprehensive and coordinated engagement on cyber affairs, we will maximise opportunities for economic growth and prosperity through digital trade. Australia will cooperate internationally to reduce the risk of cybercrime and promote peace and stability in cyberspace. We will advocate for multi-stakeholder Internet governance and respect for human rights and democratic principles online. We will partner to foster good cyber security practices and encourage the use of digital technologies to achieve sustainable development, particularly in our region.

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