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Max's motivation triggers tennis miracle

Image and story: Aaron Kearney

A major effort is underway to turn the raw tennis talent of the Pacific into players that can make it on the world circuit and perhaps even win a Grand Slam one day.

In Fiji, children in villages and communities are being introduced to a racquet in the hope someone with a special talent will emerge.

Man showing children how to play tennis

Max offers tips at Topline community in Lautoka.

Image: ABC: Aaron Kearney

The man given that job believes in tennis miracles, because he is one himself.

Lemeki Veimateyaki or "Max" as he is universally known, was a security guard at a tennis court in Lautoka for half a decade before he decided to finally pick up a racquet.

Thanks in part to the Australian aid-funded Pacific Sports Partnerships, he is now a development officer and has recently visited Australia to expand his knowledge – his first trip overseas – aged 29.

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Last Updated: 11 May 2018
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