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Getting SEA Games ready

BC – Karen Shrosbery

Women's voices will be louder and clearer at this year's South East Asian Games, as female journalists in Indonesia and the Philippines prepare to deliver new and better coverage.

As part of the Women in News and Sport (WINS) program the women working in TV, radio and online media have been upskilling ahead of the international event in November.

Photo of audience of women listening to a presenter.
Journalists discussed the state of female sport and the SEA Games at a WINS panel in Indonesia. Credit: Supplied – Isra Triansyah.

For those participants in Manila, it was about highlighting the lesser known sports competing at the SEA Games and interviewing female athletes, as well as perfecting their commentating skills.

Meanwhile in Jakarta, the women learnt how to dig deeper into the issues behind sport through a tailored investigative sports journalism course.

WINS is run by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's International Development team and funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The program supports women in the Indo-Pacific region to specialise in sports journalism.

Photo of a group of five people having a discussion.
Award winning investigative journalist Wahyu Dhyatmika from Tempo Media gives advice to WINS journalists. Credit: ABC – Karen Shrosbery.

Seventeen female journalists from media outlets in Jakarta were introduced to investigative sports journalism facilitated by WINS Project Manager Karen Shrosbery, ABC investigative journalist Madeleine Morris and Indonesian sports journalist Hanna Fauzie.

"It was such a valuable course and opened up many relevant topics, angles, and different perspectives. The information was very useful in helping the journalists improve their performance", says Hanna.

Award winning investigative journalist Wahyu Dhyatmika from Tempo Media also joined the course – sharing his experience about working on investigative stories collaboratively.

Sports editor at the Jakarta Post Niken Prathivi says this was a great insight.

"The session with Wahyu gave us a bigger picture on investigative journalism, and he showed us some of the ways on how to get things done. On collaborative work among media, Wahyu is certainly an inspiration," she explains.

Photo of two people have an interview on a set with cameras and lighting all around them.
Journalists in Manila perfected their 'as live' interviewing and commentary skills with a special production crew. Credit: Supplied – Cuatro Indios.

Meanwhile in the SEA Games host country, the Filipina journalists were discovering the lesser covered sports such as floorball and trampolining, with Patricia Bermudez-Hizon (Head of Sport ESPN5) and Aaron Kearney (WINS trainer).

The participants also had an exclusive interview with e-sports 'Hearthstone' athlete Jia Dee.

The SEA Games is the first international competition to award medals in e-sports.

As part of the training each journalist had the opportunity to hone their TV live interviewing skills and commentary; some women calling a basketball game for the very first time.

Patricia, who is a pioneering woman in sports broadcasting in the Philippines, told radio network Radyo Pilipinas this reporting course was a natural progression from the inaugural WINS sports media course run in 2018.

"We were able to add onto this experience and enhance their knowledge and have more focused training – we granted them hands-on experience which will open them up to more opportunities," she says.

Another focus of the course was journalists sharing knowledge within the group.

Ceej Tantengco presented on podcasting – inspired by attending the first WINS workshop, the broadcaster started 'Go Hard Girls' which is a podcast about women's sport.

Photo of Ceej Tantengco giving her presentation.
WINS participant Ceej Tantengco shares her experience of starting up a podcast about women's sport. Credit: ABC – Aaron Kearney.

The journalists from both countries will put their new-found skills to the test when reporting on the SEA Games, which started November 30 in the Philippines.

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