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Major sporting events

Major sporting events

Australia is known for its international sporting success, including participating in and hosting major sporting events. This success has shaped how the world views Australia–both as a sporting nation and as a people.

Major events such as the AFC Asian Football Cup, ICC Cricket World Cup and Netball World Cup provide Australia with an opportunity to showcase Australian culture and identify alongside. Whether by hosting or participating, these events provide us with the opportunity to maximise people-to-people links, development cultural, trade, investment, education and tourism opportunities.

Australia shares a passion for sport with many with countries around the world. We also share many links beyond this; links between people, development, cultural and education. It is through major events that we can come together as countries, as rivals and as equals and celebrate common bonds.

DFAT works across the Australian Government and with sport partner organisations to implement a strategic and coordinated approach to foreign engagement around targeted sporting events in Australia and overseas. This will enables sports to leverage promotion and link opportunities to major events.

Last Updated: 24 November 2015
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