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New Colombo Plan

Private-sector partners

We acknowledge the generous support of our NCP Scholarship sponsors.


  • NCP-PwC Japan Scholarship, Sienna Hopkinson (Fellow)
  • NCP-PwC China Scholarship, Theophilos Thompson
  • NCP-PwC China Scholarship, Denny Chen
  • NCP-GHD Fiji Scholarship, Kit Muirhead (Fellow)
  • NCP-GHD Cook Islands Scholarship, Shannon Schultz (Fellow)
  • NCP-King & Wood Mallesons China Scholarship, Freya Cox (Fellow)
  • NCP-Newcrest Mining Fiji Scholarship, Soraya McGinley
  • NCP-QBE Indonesia Scholarship, Neane Carter (Indigenous Fellow)


  • NCP-PwC China Scholarship, Maria Positano
  • NCP-PwC Hong Kong Scholarship, Millie Vernick
  • NCP-PwC Singapore Scholarship, Shannan Welsh
  • NCP-QBE Indigenous Scholarship, Odette Merinda Brown
  • NCP-GHD Philippines Scholarship, Joel Kennaway
  • NCP-GHD Fiji Scholarship, Evangeline Packett
  • NCP-King & Wood Mallesons Scholarship, Jessica Kelly
  • NCP-Newcrest PNG Scholarship, Dylan Male


  • NCP-QBE Indigenous Fellowship (Republic of Korea), Miles Archibald
  • NCP-PwC Hong Kong Scholarship, James Dunn
  • NCP-PwC Japan Scholarship, Julian Vidal
  • NCP-PwC Singapore Scholarship, Nash Mesquita-Mendes


  • NCP-PwC Indonesia Scholarship, Michael Lucas
  • NCP-PwC Japan Scholarship, Heath Gabbett
  • NCP-PwC Singapore Scholarship, Dana Carmichael
  • NCP-CPA Australia China Scholarship, Thomas Linnette

Scholarship Sponsors provide a deeper and more immersive experience for New Colombo Plan Scholars, including access to an enhanced internship package, access to executive mentors, and extended training opportunities.

We invite businesses and others to support the New Colombo Plan and help build a more regionally literate Australian workforce and stronger links with the Indo-Pacific region, a region fundamental to Australia's economic and security interests.

The New Colombo Plan is a long-term investment in Australia's future.

The ability to effectively engage with our Asian counterparts, remain adaptable and understand the risks and cultural nuances of the region has never been more important."

Match Fit: Shaping Asia capable leaders, PwC, Institute of Managers and Leaders, Asialink Business

The Bennelong Foundation, with the support of the Myer Foundation and Asialink Business, is providing generous sponsorship for the New Colombo Plan, contributing a combined $885,000 to develop and deliver pre-departure training to New Colombo Plan students.

The pre-departure training focuses on building cross-cultural knowledge and competency among New Colombo Plan mobility program students, to ensure they gain maximum benefit from their regional experiences. In particular the training will assist students to build effective cross-cultural relationships, gain valuable insights into the society and culture in which they will study and navigate differences in communication styles.

Last Updated: 25 November 2019
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