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Women Know MENA Australia-Lebanon exchange

  • Sector: Women in Leadership
  • Country location: Lebanon
  • Grantee: Deakin University
Satelight image of Middle East, West Asia, Eastern Europe lights during night .
Middle East, West Asia, Eastern Europe lights during night as it looks like from space. Elements of this image are furnished by NASA. Credit: Wael Alreweie, iStock.

Project description

Why are women frequently overlooked in policy and media debates on the Middle East? 65% of 2014 MENA (Middle East and North Africa) events run by six US think tanks lacked any female speakers, let alone a woman from the region. Women Know MENA was established in 2019 to combat this disparity, creating a contact list of more than 250 female MENA experts for journalists, humanitarians, researchers and event organisers.

The project will fund events which foster links between Australian and Arab women leaders in order to elevate the work of women, develop strategies to further raise womens' voices (particularly from the region) and interview Women Know MENA members on why women are frequently ignored.

The team members will arrange and attend a Women Know MENA symposium and networking event in Beirut, and will publish the project's findings in an OpEd.

Key dates

  • Meeting with Australian Embassy: Beirut, dates to be advised
  • Afternoon networking event: Beirut, date to be advised
  • Two-day symposium: Beirut, dates to be advised
  • Council for Australian-Arab Relations grant offer: $20,000.
  • Total project value: $26,780.
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