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Women in the Middle East - Leadership in Sport

  • Sector: Sport
  • Country location: Australia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates
  • Grantee: Torrens University Australia
Photo of a woman on a sports field in team uniform, looking out towards the stadium.
Women in the Middle East – Leadership in Sport. Credit: Stock Images – Getty.

Project description

Torrens University Australia has a keen interest in developing and building the human capital of women in sport with sporting partners such as the South Australian National Football League (SANFL), Adelaide United Football Club (AUFC) and the Adelaide Oval intends to develop an eight day familiarisation tour and emerging leaders course to develop the leadership and sports management capabilities Middle Eastern women in leadership and sports management.

Key dates

  • Opening day: Adelaide Oval, Adelaide, 16 March 2020

  • Council for Australian-Arab Relations grant offer: $30,000.
  • Total project value: $50,000.

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