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Shaun Parker and Company 2019 Middle East Tour

Project Summary

  • Sector: Arts and Culture
  • Country location: Australia, Jordan, Lebanon, Other: Ramallah & Western Europe
  • Grantee: Shaun Parker and Company Limited

Project description

Shaun Parker & Company will present their new work "KING" as part of the Masahat Consortium in April 2019. The consortium includes Beirut International Platform of Dance, Lebanon; Amman Contemporary Dance Festival, Jordan and Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival, Palestinian Territories. Conceptually "KING" interrogates the theme of societal power and reflects on the absurd grandiosity of our leaders. Driven by highly physical dance forms, Parker and his nine outstanding dancers have created a unique choreographic language, embedded with humour and razor-sharp wit to expose characteristics of power and control. The performances will feature audience forums in each city focusing on the universality of dance and the freedom of expression this art-form provides. Artistic Director, Shaun Parker will lead three one-on-one mentorships for female choreographers in each territory, and deliver targeted workshops to support on-going artistic relationships with local dancers, sharing cultural exchange of contemporary dance practice and societal dialogue between the Middle East region and Australia.

Key dates

  • KING presentation: Performance, workshop, Mentorship & Post show, Citerne, Beirut, 1 -3 Apr 2019;
  • KING re-titled Big Man Little Man presentation: Performance, workshop, Mentorship & Post show, Al-Hussein Cultura Centre, National Centre for Culture & the Arts, Amman Jordan, 4 – 6 Apr 2019
  • KING presentation: including performance, workshop, Mentorship & Post show, Ramallah Cultural Palace, Ramallah, Palestinian Territories, 7 – 10 Apr 2019.
  • Council for Australian-Arab Relations grant offer: $30,000
  • Total project value: $30,000
Last Updated: 5 September 2018
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