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Genomics research training and technology development in diabetes complications

Project Summary

  • Sector: Science, Technology and Innovation
  • Country location: Lebanon
  • Grantee: Monash University

Project description

Diabetes is the fastest growing chronic condition in Australia and in the Middle East. Over the last decade, Monash University have developed state-of-the-art technologies to characterise epigenetic changes in using pre-clinical animal models and human clinical cohorts. The primary objective of this proposal is to build on and translate cutting-edge contemporary technologies developed in Australia. Combined with world-class pre-clinical animal studies and using well-characterised cohorts in the American University of Beirut, the aim is to expand on research, teaching and training for preventing, treating and reversing the complications of diabetes. This complementarity in research strengths will provide incentives to further progress collaborative relationships, especially in areas that are of strategic medical and international importance.

Key dates

  • Lectures, 18 – 28 Sep 2018
    • Lectures 1-2: Emerging technologies distinguishing genetic and epigenetic variation in diabetes;
    • Lectures 3-4: Role of genetic and epigenetics in human disease
    • Lectures 5: Diet during pregnancy is implicated in the regulation of hypothalamic DNA methylation and risk of obesity in offspring
  • Lectures, 28 Jan – 10 Feb 2019
    • Lecture 6: Prevalence of Diabetes in the Middle East
    • Lecture 7: Diabetes Research at the American University of Beirut and Medical Center
  • Workshops, 22 – 30 Oct 2018
    • Workshop 1: 4 day training in technologies for genetic and epigenetic discoveries in diabetes and its complications
    • Workshop 2: 4 day training in computational and bio-informatic analyses relevant to diabetic complications
  • Workshops, 28 Jan – 10 Feb 2019
    • Workshop 3: 5 day hands-on genomics and Epigenomics training session,
  • Council for Australian-Arab Relations grant offer: $35,550.
  • Total project value: $55,500.

Last Updated: 5 September 2018
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