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Bridging the gap between marine resource managers and research institutions

Project Summary

  • Sector: Science, Technology and Innovation
  • Country location: Australia, Oman
  • Grantee: Australian Museum Research Institute
fleet of traditional boats tied to the land in a Harbour.
The fleet of traditional boats moored in Masirah Harbour, Oman. Credit: Tane Sinclair-Taylor.

Project description

The focus of the CAAR exchange with Oman builds on earlier scientific collaborations between Dr Joseph DiBattista at the Australian Museum (AM) and the Department of Marine Sciences and Fisheries at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU). The latter group aligns their research and teaching activities with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Wealth (MAFW) in Oman. Australia is keen to adopt an innovative marine monitoring approach based on "genomic toolkits". This research exchange with Oman will provide further "proof of concept" of this innovative technology, used to identify what valuable coastal marine resources occupy different habitats, address Arabian Peninsular and Australian management needs, and broaden political relationships between these two countries. This exchange will be achieved via 14 days of field research followed by a two-day workshop hosted by SQU. This workshop will include members from AM, SQU, and MAFW. The proceedings will be promoted via press releases and social media in Australia and Oman.

Key dates

  • Field Sampling Component: Salalah to Muscat 25 Nov – 2 Dec 2018
  • Field Sampling Component: Musandam Governorate 3 – 7 Dec 2018
  • Wortkshop hosted by SQU: Muscat - Seeb Campus 8 – 9 Dec 2018
  • Council for Australian-Arab Relations grant offer: $35,000.
  • Total project value: $35,000.
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