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2020-22 Business Plan


To broaden and strengthen Australian-Arab relations by advancing areas of shared political, economic and social interest and building a greater appreciation of each other's cultures and values.


The 2020-22 objectives for the Council for Australian-Arab Relations (CAAR) are to:

  • ensure that the CAAR grant program aligns with the Australian Government's regional priorities, and CAAR's 2020-2030 Strategic Plan;
  • ensure an effective and engaging program of CAAR projects that incorporate participation at the Dubai Expo 2020; and
  • pursue innovative public diplomacy and social media opportunities, to promote the CAAR and highlight the value of Australia-Arab relations.


In 2020-22, the CAAR Board members will:

  • promote the CAAR's profile through social media, in order to increase awareness of the Council's work and further its mission;
  • promote the two-year grant round to potential applicants that:
    • represent a diverse cross-section of Australia and the Arab region;
    • align with at least one of CAAR's 2020-22 priority themes of:
      1. Arts and Culture
      2. Health and Sport
      3. Tourism
      4. Education
      5. Gender equality   
      6. Sustainability  
    • build strong international community and institutional relationships, and promote social cohesion; and
    • could promote future opportunities for trade and investment.


Board and Secretariat: There are up to seven Board members (a Chair and six Board members appointed by the Minister for Foreign Affairs) and two ex-officio members from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and the Australian Trade Commission (Austrade). The Board is supported by a Secretariat based in DFAT’s Middle East Branch.

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