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University of Sydney AMI Media Interns

AMI provided support towards two University of Sydney "AMI Fellows" undertaking a month long journalism internship at The Star newspaper in Kuala Lumpur, preceded by a week orientation at the Australian High Commission.

During the week at the High Commission, the AMI Fellows were introduced to the city by Malaysian and Australian staff, giving them a valuable insight to where they would be living and working. They were also able to undertake some public relations and social media work. This involved looking at the High Commission's Facebook page, with an aim of attracting a younger audience; drafting media releases and attending and filming the High Commission's high profile Australia Day function.

At The Star Media organisation, the interns worked in the Metro section where they were given wide scope to research and write a wide array of stories on local news and the arts. Grace O'Neil produced nine stories, one of which became a cover story. Of her experience, she said that working in Kuala Lumpur had "without doubt, been the highlight of my academic and professional journey so far…working as a journalist in a country with a completely unique culture, where English is not the first language… this wouldn't have been possible without the generosity of the Australia – Malaysia Institute, and for that I am hugely and completely grateful."

Every one of the articles that Alex Gibson wrote was published. He said that his time at The Star newspaper had been great and that "having the chance to work in my chosen vocation, in a foreign country, and at such an early stage in my career, has been an amazing opportunity, and an important learning experience."

Grace O'Neil with chef
Grace O'Neil and Alex Gibson

2012-13 Interns

In mid-January 2013 final year journalism students, Nicola Duncan and Laura Murphy-Oates, travelled to Kuala Lumpur to undertake a week's internship at the Australian High Commission, after which they worked as journalists at selected Malaysian English-language newspapers and broadcast organisations identifying, researching and writing articles for publication or broadcast.

You can follow their experiences in a blog via the University of Sydney parallax site:

Nicola Duncan's blog

Laura Murphy-Oates's blog

High Commissioner Myles Kupa standing in front of flags with a media intern standing either side of him
Nicola Duncan and Laura Murphy-Oates with High Commissioner Myles Kupa
Two female media interns standing side by side in front of a building sign
Nicola Duncan and Laura Murphy-Oates at the Star

2011-12 Interns

University of Sydney students, Renee Moore and Robert Kennard, have finalised their AMI Media Internship program which included a placement with the Malaysian newspaper, The Star and a week working at the Australian High Commission in Kuala Lumpur.

Renee and Robert were undertaking research projects and preparing reports as part of their internship. You can follow their experiences in a blog via the University of Sydney parallax site:

AMI Media Interns Renee Moore and Robert Kennard with Ambassador Miles Kupa
AMI Media Interns Renee Moore and Robert Kennard with Ambassador Miles Kupa (Photo courtesy University of Sydney)
Last Updated: 14 July 2014
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