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Australia-Malaysia Sports Program

The AMI supports cooperation between Australian and Malaysian sporting organisations with a view to generating long term institutional and people-to-people links.

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ASEAN Games 2013

Organised by MASCA Victoria in collaboration with the ASEAN-based student peak representative bodies, the ASEAN Games Australia is a multinational sports event which the aim of enhancing the relationship between students from ASEAN countries. In 2013, the event attracted over 1000 students from all across Australia to compete in a range of sports including basketball, volleyball, futsal, badminton, tennis, table tennis, ultimate frisbee, swimming and netball.

players on the badminton court
basketball player ready to throw the ball while being defended
netball player with the ball while being defended
badminton players shaking hands over the net
basketball players in pre-game huddle
frisbee player jumping mid-air and catching the frisbee

Jom Pi Jaring Netball in Malaysia

A strong partnership exists between Netball Australia and the Malaysian Netball Association with several training camps being held over many years. Originally known as NetSetGo!, Netball Australia has been helping develop the netball skills for girls in Malaysia. In February 2012, 22 coaches undertook a two day coaching workshop by Netball Australia and the Malaysian Netball Association. These coaches were then equipped to deliver the program in 11 pilot centres throughout Malaysia.

AMI is pleased to support netball in Malaysia through funding Netball Australia to:

  • Provide mentoring of personnel and coaching of athletes
  • Establish community based Netball centres for athletes, coaches and umpires to develop high performance outcomes
  • Provide education in the fields of psychology, nutrition, sports science sports medicine, coaching techniques and game analysis
  • Introduce NetSetGo! for young girls in Malaysian schools.

Jom Pi Jaring has been modelled on Netball Australia's successful junior development program NetSetGO! and provides children from the ages of 5 to 8 years old with a positive introduction to Netball to promote enjoyment and continued participation within the sport.

In 2013-14, AMI provided further assistance to assist the Malaysia Netball Association (MNA) expand their Jom Pi Jaring program. This project expanded on previous training, by:

  • conducting induction training to coaches and teachers from 9 new identified Jom Pi Jaring centres; and
  • providing refresher training to current coaches and teachers already delivering Jom Pi Jaring.

The training was delivered by Netball Australia personnel over 4 days from 12 to 15 November, including site visits to assess the coaches in action. All coaches received certification of their participation in the training and demonstrated their ability to ensure a quality experience for all participants as the program continues to grow.

The MNA Executive Secretary reported that 'everybody, especially the coaches and kids, were excited and they enjoyed the program. Even though it was just a short period, I am sure the coaches gained a lot of knowledge and skills to carry out the project.'


In 2012-13, the AMI supported the Malaysian Lifesaving and Sport Development Program. Working with Surf Life Saving Australia, 10 lifesavers (five men and five women) and four lifesaving coaches and officials from the Life Saving Society of Malaysia (LSSM) undertook of a structured program to improve their in-country drowning prevention and lifesaving techniques and programs as well as their lifesaving sports development and coaching program. The LSSM lifesavers attended Rescue 2012 Life Saving and Sport development program in Adelaide in November 2012, before participating in the 2012 Lifesaving World Championships shortly afterwards (also in Adelaide). This was followed up with a lifesaving sport coaching and officials training program for 40 LSSM members, delivered by a SLSA surf coach and official, in Penang Malaysia in June 2013.

The new skills gained by Malaysian officials and coaches will be on show at the LSSM National Lifesaving Championships in Penang on 5 October 2013.

Lifesavers at running in the ocean carrying a surf ski
Life Saving Society of Malaysia Lifesavers completing the Rescue Board Rescue Race, Rescue 2012, Adelaide November 2012
Group photo of Life Saving Society of Malaysia
Life Saving Society of Malaysia Training Group Photo
Livesavers training in a swimming pool
Life Saving Society of Malaysia Pool Training


In 2010-2011 the AMI funded three elite sport coaching scholarships in cycling, hockey and swimming. The Australian Institute of Sport, Hockey Australia and Swimming Australia hosted the Malaysian coaching placements.

Mr Suod Hussain, a cycling coach based at the National Sports Council of Malaysia (NSC) was selected to undertake a 12 week cycling coaching scholarship at the Western Australia Institute of Sports (WAIS) with one of Australia's leading cycling coaches, Darryl Benson. Mr Andrew Oon, a swimming coach based at the NSC, was selected to undertake a six week swimming scholarship at the WAIS with Matt Maggee.

Mohd Nasihin Nubli Ibrahim, a hockey coach based at the NSC was selected to undertake a six week hockey scholarship with Hockey Australia at the South Australian Sports Institute (SASI) with Australia's leading hockey coaches Ric Charlesworth, Craig Victory and Robert Haigh. The AMI has been informed by Hockey Australia that Mr Ibrahim has taken up a position as coach of the Malaysian National Women's Hockey Team.

The AMI looks forward to continuing to develop sports collaboration with Malaysian sporting organisations as part of the Memorandum of Understanding between Australia and Malaysia on sports cooperation.

Last Updated: 10 July 2014
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