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Meet our 2019 grantees

Vocational Education and Training Exchange between Central Queensland and Korea

Sector: Economic Diplomacy, Trade, Business

Country location: Republic of Korea

Grantee: Rockhampton Regional Council

Teys Student Group from Korea - Cert II Meat Processing. Credit: Rockhampton Regional Council

Project description

This project is designed to further develop vocational learning experiences and information sharing between Rockhampton and Korea. As the only regional area in Australia currently working with Human Resources Development Korea and other relevant stakeholders, Rockhampton has already been receiving groups of young professionals for vocational education and training. Through reciprocal visits and workshops in Korea and Rockhampton, in-depth industry knowledge and best practice for vocational education and skills shortages will be discussed so both countries can identify future directions of the program for continued mutual benefit. A fast growing region with multiple major projects and home to CQUniversity, Rockhampton has the capability to not only provide outstanding quality education and training, but a hands on experience with on the job training. Korea is proactive when it comes to improving youth unemployment and this is evident with many Government and non-government initiatives. This project will create a great synergy between an Australian region and Korea's young professionals seeking new opportunities.

Key dates

Australian delegation to travel to Korea – 01 December 2019 to 05 December 2019

Korean delegation to travel to Rockhampton – 01 March 2020 to 05 March 2020

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Australia-Korea Foundation grant offer: $28,000.00

Contact person

Young Beamish, Senior Executive Trade & Investment - Rockhampton Regional Council 07 4936 3883

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