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Flowerbird: An artistic exchange

AJF Priority Area: Society and Culture

Country location: Australia, Japan

Grantee: Contemporary Dance Company of Western Australia

Project description

Flowerbird is a contemporary performance work by Western Australia's premier flagship contemporary dance company, Co:3 Australia. Premiering at the State Theatre Centre of Western Australia in 2020, the production brings together significant Australian & Japanese artists.

A collaboration between Co3 Artistic Director Raewyn Hill, Australian Dance Theatre Artistic Director Garry Stewart, sculptural artist Naoko Yoshimoto, Butoh Master Yoshito Ohno and composer Eden Mullholland.

Co:3 Australia will be hosting Japanese sculptural artist, Naoko Yoshimoto in Perth in August as she begins to build a sculptural installation for the set of the performance. The installation will be created from black clothing donated by the Japanese and West Australian community. Naoko will also be collecting the stories that these garments hold, with the histories of the individuals soaked into the sculptures, the installation will create a collection of the shared histories and experiences between the two cultures.

The performance will be informed by Hill's & Stewarts training in Butoh & their own personal movement languages, acknowledging their combined physically powerful & highly technical choreographic languages. It will take place in a black box space with Hill & Stewart performing together within the installation created by Ms Yoshimoto.

Key dates

Final Performance, State Theatre Centre of WA, 26/02/2020 to 01/03/2020

Naoko Residency, Perth, 22/07/2019 to 16/08/2019

Development and Stakeholder Showing, Perth, 07/10/2019 to 25/10/2019

Social media:, Co3 Australia (Facebook), Co3 Australia (Instagram), Co3 Australia (Vimeo)

Australia-Japan Foundation grant: $20,000

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