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Understanding East Asia's Contested Security Order

Sector: Economic Diplomacy and Geopolitics

Country location: Japan

Grantee: La Trobe University

Project description

Asia's security order has become increasingly unsettled by growing great power rivalry, globalisation, a revival of nationalism and an unsettling of norms governing international conduct.

What is the state of Asia's security order? What are the forces which are challenging the security order? Can and should it be adjusted to reflect changing power distributions? And what are the implications of the changing order for Australia-Japan relations? How can the two countries work together to strengthen the order in the face of these changes?

This project will bring together twelve leading scholars from Australia, Japan and the region, to a workshop at Kyushu University in late September 2017. They will answer these questions with the aim of contributing to policy and scholarly debate about Asia's security order and how the Australia-Japan relationship can help drive regional security and stability.

Key dates:

  • Government Briefing, Tokyo, 23 October 2017 to 30 November 2017
  • Government Briefing, Canberra, 23 October 2017 to 30 November 2017
  • Experts Workshop, Fukuoka, 28 to 29 September 2017
  • Policy Report Launch, Melbourne, 30 November 2017

Social media: @NickBisley, @latrobeasia,

Australia-Japan Foundation grant offer: $16,500.00 (GST inclusive)

Total project value: $16,500.00 (GST inclusive)

Last Updated: 14 September 2017
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