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Australia, Japan and Southeast Asia: JDSC and regional co-operation

Sector: Economic Diplomacy and Geopolitics

Country location: Australia, Japan

Grantee: Western Sydney University

Image of Japanese and Australian thongs with the words: We share more than friendship. Sharing/Affinity.
Credit: Australian Embassy, Tokyo

Project description

Two symposiums (September 20 in Sydney and December 11 in Tokyo) will be held to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Australia-Japan Joint Declaration on Security Co-operation (JDSC).

The focus of the symposiums will be to discuss the role and impact of the JDSC on regional and international security. Academic experts, former senior diplomats and current policymakers will discuss how Australia and Japan deal with common regional security interests.

Each workshop will be hosted at a university (Western Sydney University and Meiji University) and jointly run with a community organisation (Australian Institute of International Affairs in Sydney and Japan Forum for Global Affairs in Tokyo). A special forum at each symposium will be devoted to an interactive question and answer session between the entire panel of speakers and undergraduate students.

Key dates:

  • Workshop, Sydney, 20 September 2017
  • Workshop, Tokyo, 11 December 2017

Social media: @westsydunews

Australia-Japan Foundation grant offer: $22,000.00 (GST inclusive)

Total project value: $42,640.00

Last Updated: 14 September 2017
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