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UniBRIDGE Project

  • Sector: Building Cultural Understanding / Society and Culture
  • Country location: Australia, Indonesia
  • Grantee: UniBRIDGE Project
Indonesian participants visit their peers in Australia, October 2017. Credit: Rezky Ully

Project description

UniBRIDGE Project establishes strong people2people connections between Australia and Indonesia by giving Australian and Indonesian university students the opportunity to regularly communicate and interact in real-time via Web 2.0 technologies. The sophisticated educational web-conferencing software allows participants to speak to each other from across the sea in real-time and interact with each other several times a week. Australians and Indonesians can learn more about each other's languages, ways of thinking and expand their personal and professional networks overseas. Workshops will be conducted at the Sunshine Coast, Melbourne, Perth, Kupung and Singaraja. UniBRIDGE Project breaks down barriers between people of different nations.

  • Australia-Indonesia Institute grant offer: $21,600.00 No GST
  • Total project value: $31,600.00
Last Updated: 1 August 2018
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