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Advancing Australia-Indonesia Understanding: Supporting Young Leaders in Innovation & Social Change

  • Sector: Building Cultural Understanding / Society and Culture
  • Country location: Australia
  • Grantee: University of Melbourne
Photo of band on stage with text: Navicula in Australia 2017 Melbourne, Lake Tyers, Sydney, Byron Bay, Darwin (Kopernik: Finding what works).
Navicula band performance, August 8 2017, Indonesia. Design credit: Lakota Moira, Photo credit: Rio Wisesa

Project description

This project aims to build Australia-Indonesia cross-cultural understanding and raise awareness of a more contemporary Indonesia in which innovative artists and leaders engage with social and environmental issues and use the transformational power of music and technology to reach some of Indonesia's poorest communities to change lives for the better. Through this project, the eco-rock band Navicula (dedicated to raising awareness of environmental and social issues in Indonesia) joins forces with the not-for-profit organisation Kopernik dedicated to finding solutions to reduce poverty in Indonesia for a series of performances, artist-artist collaborations, film screenings and discussions in Australia to share experiences with communities, students, artists innovators and thinkers. Gede Roby, the lead singer of Navicula, and Ewa Wojkowska, the co-founder of Kopernik, are both Asia 21 Young Leaders who will participate with other innovators from throughout Asia in the Asia Society-hosted 'Asia 21 Summit' in Melbourne on the theme of World Disrupted: Asia's Future.

Key dates

Music exchanges between artists in the Northern Territory and Indonesia and a series of workshops with indigenous communities, artists and students in Darwin. 9-13 October 2017.

Film production of Navicula-Kopernik outreach. Indonesia, 01 September to 20 November 2017.

Artist-artist exchanges and performances, East Gippsland, Victoria, 22 to 27 November 2017.

Film screening, seminar discussion and performance involving staff. Melbourne, 28 November 2017.

Asia Society-hosted Asia 21 Summit in Melbourne, 29 November to 01 December 2017.

Navicula performance launch of the Multicultural Arts Victoria Mapping. Melbourne, 30 November 2017, Performance involving UOM students, alumni, and the community, Melbourne 01 December 2017.

Performances and artist-artist exchanges, Sydney, northern NSW, 02 to 07 December 2017.

Performance in the Multicultural Arts Victoria Mapping Melbourne festival, 08 December 2017.

Kopernik discussions with civil society organisations working in poverty alleviation, 04 December 2017.

Last Updated: 1 August 2018
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