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On the journey to smarter cities

Australian and Indian civic leaders are meeting at workshops in Sydney, New Delhi and Chennai to discuss the challenges and strategies of future urban development.

Busy street in India.
Australia and India are pooling their respective experiences, knowledge, and talent to tackle the development obstacles of the future and build 'smarter cities'. Credit: Smart Cities Research Cluster UNSW.

The Indian economy is undergoing rapid growth and may be third largest in the world by 2030. At the same time there is massive country-wide urbanisation. To address these phenomena, India has committed to building 100 'smart cities' focusing on human talent and technological innovation.

Australia is also focusing on innovation and urbanisation through new urban leadership and policy developments. Both countries now find themselves at the beginning of their smart city journey. India's task is much larger as they need to radically expand their urban areas, whereas Australia generally needs to retrofit and redevelop existing urban areas.

Supported by a grant from the Australia-India Council three workshops held in Sydney, New Delhi and Chennai bring together prominent Indian and Australian civic and business leaders, academics and technology providers to share their experiences and knowledge. The workshops will develop strategies for continued engagement in the smart cities sector.

Convenor of the UNSW research cluster, Dr Scott Hawken says, 'Australia will access new ideas from a nation that is urbanising rapidly and generating a great deal of new city making and ICT knowledge. The project will directly showcase Australia's expertise on smart cities products and policy to influential audiences in India and create opportunities for technology and business collaboration.'

The 2017 Australia-India Council grants round for innovative new connections between Australia and India is open until 27 April 2017.

Last Updated: 21 March 2017
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