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In the know for gender equality

The Girls Gotta Know website provides women with information about legal and social issues, and referrals for support with employment, relationships, health and housing.

Group of women sitting in front of 'girls gotta know' banner
'Girls Gotta Know India' Brand Ambassador workshop in New Delhi, 13 Nov 2016. Credit: TRS Law Offices.

On a study trip to Tasmania, Indian lawyer Talish Ray quickly realised the Girls Gotta Know website - with its easy-reading peer-to-peer tone - would appeal to young Indian women with mobile internet access.

Talish also felt the site would provide tools to combat violence against women and girls in India.

With no comparable sites in India, Talish canvassed the Women's Legal Service Tasmania to adapt Girls Gotta Know for an Indian audience.

Supported by a grant from the Australia-India Council, the TRS Law Office in India and Women's Legal Service Tasmania formed an agreement to create a site in English and Hindi for young Indian women.

Talish returned to Tasmania in October 2016 to plan the Girls Gotta Know India site with Project Manager of the Women's Legal Service Tasmania, Kim Woolley. Talish participated in talks and workshops with experts from counselling services, women's shelters, government departments and the police. The collective knowledge of those working for the health and safety of women in Tasmania has generated excellent information for optimising the Girls Gotta Know India site.

Girls Gotta Know India introduces young women to easy-to-read, culturally relevant information about their rights with emphasis on gender equality,' says Kim Wooley.

There are currently no other sources of this information readily available on the internet for an Indian audience, nor specifically directed towards young women. With a high percentage of Indian youth having access to the internet and social media, Girls Gotta Know India aims to empower young women with relevant and accessible information. Having the right information on hand before an abusive situation occurs may also help prevent violence against women.

The 2017 Australia-India Council grants round for innovative new connections between Australia and India is open until 27 April 2017. See: /aic

Girls Gotta Know India can be visited at

Last Updated: 9 March 2017
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