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Looking at the Universe with ultraviolet glasses

Project Summary

photo glaxy in space
Ultraviolet image of a peculiar galaxy obtained by the Indian satellite ASTROSAT. Credit: Koshy George.


Organisation: University of Western Australia

Sector: Science, Technology and Innovation

AIC Priority Area: Other AIC objective

Project description

This project will form a partnership between India and Australia in the field of space science by combining Indian leadership in the development of ultraviolet space-telescopes with Australia's internationally recognised expertise in galaxy evolution studies. It focuses on the scientific exploitation of data obtained by the ASTROSAT mission, investigating possible partnerships between India and Australia in the planning of future ultraviolet space observatories.

Key dates

  • 1 November 2018 – Research visit by Dr. Koshy George at UWA, Perth
  • 4 March 2019 – Research visit by Dr. Luca Cortese to the Indian Institute for Astrophysics, Bangalore

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