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Keeping Australia’s finger on the Indian Pulse

Project Summary

Indian Pulse course
Pulses are a main component of the Indian diet, and widely traded across the country. Credit: N. Goddard- Pulse Australia.

Organisation: Pulse Australia Ltd

Sector: Economic Diplomacy, Trade, Business

AIC Priority Area: Other AIC objective

Project description

Australian exports of pulses (chickpeas, lentils, dried peas) to India is worth over $300 million per annum, with Australian farmers the main beneficiaries of this trade. Indian demand for Australian pulses is largely determined by the size of the Indian pulse crop, with poor crop prospects in India bolstering the demand for Australian pulses.

Consequently, the more Australian farmers get to know and understand the seasonal prospects for Indian pulse crop, the better they are able to plan their crop selections and have a clearer expectation of prices.

Similarly, the more information Indian pulse importers and traders have on the likely need to import pulses, the better they are able to plan and manage risk.

This project aims to establish a robust information and forecasting base to aid decision making and risk management for Australian pulse growers and traders, and for the pulse importing industry in India.

Key dates

  • 11 September 2018 – Austrade India Briefing, Brisbane
  • 1 November 2018 – Scoping workshop, Hyderabad or Mumbai

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Last Updated: 27 August 2018
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