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Style guide and logo

Using the AIC Logo

The Australia-India Council (AIC) logo is available for download by grant recipients and other approved organisations. It can be used in print and electronic media, as well as other applications such as signage, team uniforms and sporting gear.

It is a condition of funding that AIC grant recipients include the AIC logo and acknowledge AIC support in all promotional material and publications, including websites.

Wherever possible the following acknowledgment should also be used in association with the logo:

The [insert name of Project] is supported by the Australian Government through the Australia-India Council of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

AIC Logo Elements

The logo is composed of the Australian Government crest and the AIC logo. The crest and logo are locked together. The elements of the AIC logo may not be separated, used individually or altered in any way.

Do not scan the logo from a hard copy.

More Information

Questions on the use of the AIC logo should be directed to the Manager, AIC Secretariat at

Download Logos

AIC logo colour [PNG 24KB, best for inserting in Word documents]

AIC logo colour [JPG 1.28 MB]

AIC logo colour [EPS 1MB, best for professional graphic design programs]

AIC logo black and white [PNG 19 KB, best for inserting in Word documents]

AIC logo black and white [JPG 1.10 MB]

Last Updated: 7 August 2015
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