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Australia-China Council Strategic Plan 2018–2022


"Broadening, deepening and strengthening Australia-China relations through people-to-people and institutional linkages."


The function of the Council is to make recommendations to the Australian Government through the Minister for Foreign Affairs on strengthening the Australia-China relationship in ways that support Australia's foreign and trade policy interests (Australia-China Council Executive Order, 30 May 2008).

Strategic Goals

  • To deepen the foundations of Australia-China engagement and understanding of both countries through people-to-people and institutional engagement at the national and sub-national levels, highlighting Australia's leadership and the comparative advantages of its institutions, systems and standards.
  • To harness the leadership of Australian communities including youth to strengthen bilateral connectivity through existing alumni and other networks of influence.
  • To promote and develop the shared knowledge-based economy between Australia and China by showcasing Australian creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation in China, with a particular focus on digital and social media, promoting Australia's strong brand in sectors across China.
  • To enhance understanding in China of Australia, through the promotion of Australian Studies and disciplines such as creative excellence and sports sector capability and know-how where Australia has comparative advantage.
  • To facilitate dialogue, visits and exchanges with the aim of developing professional and institutional networks between Australia and China. Such networks will be critical to generating, disseminating and making accessible high-quality, relevant and up-to-date information about Australia-China relations, but also extending Australia's networks of influence with China.

Engagement and Funding Priorities

The Australia-China Council's grant-making and program priorities for the 2018-2022 period will centre on five areas –Economic Diplomacy, Sports Diplomacy, Australian Studies in China, Education and Creative Excellence.

  • Economic Diplomacy: Promote diversity, growth and innovation of Australia's trade and investment relationship with China and improve the business enabling environment in both.
  • Sports Diplomacy: Promote deeper engagement with Australian expertise including in events management, elite sports and sports medicine.
  • Australian Studies in China: Continue to build on, innovate and strengthen the Australian Studies program, institutions and network in China in partnership with FASIC.
  • Education: Support practical and effective solutions to enhance China literacy, business and cultural capabilities of Australian institutions and people to effectively engage with China, and promote education, science and innovation connectivity between Australia and China.
  • Creative Excellence: Showcase Australian arts and creative industries capability to Chinese institutions and audiences building at the same time closer and broader cultural and artistic partnerships.

Guiding Principles

The Australia-China Council programs and grant-making activities are informed by the following principles:

  • Impact and Reach: Projects should demonstrate strong impact and reach in how they contribute to the Australia-China relationship.
  • Creativity and Innovation: Projects should strive to generate new ideas and new innovation networks.
  • Sustainability: Projects should deliver medium to longer-term outcomes, strengthen networks and linkages and, over time, become self-sustaining.
  • Partnerships: Projects should be developed and delivered in partnership with Australian and Chinese organisations, promote complementarities and avoid duplication with similar programs.
  • Equality and Diversity: Projects promote and encourage gender equality, cultural, linguistic and ethnic diversity, and facilitate engagement between Australian and Chinese regions and areas outside major capital cities and business hubs.
  • Accountability: Projects have clear key performance indicators and comply with the Australian government's financial and other reporting requirements.

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Last Updated: 19 April 2018
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