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Mental Health Education for Education and Health Professionals in China

Sector: Education

Country location: China

Grantee: University of Technology Sydney

Project Description

Mental health issues among young people have been identified as a growing problem in many developing countries, such as China. In response to the need of training and education in youth mental health for health and education professionals, this project will introduce a Mental Health Education training program, designed and developed in Australia, to Guangxi China. This project aims to enhance the knowledge and skills of participants, mainly educators, senior school principals and health professionals, in adolescent mental health and well-being, which is an area in urgent need of assistance. The training program will be provided by the Mental Health Association Hong Kong (MHAHK), an accredited body qualified to deliver the Mental Health First Aid program in the East Asian Region. Working with the collaborator at the Guangxi Medical University, senior education and health professionals will be invited as participants of the program and will receive full training in the Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA). At the end of the program, formal program evaluation will be conducted by the project team. Results on the project will be dissimulated widely through different media.

Key dates:

Announcing the project via the Website and Media (logo will be used, Sydney, 01 September 2016 to 08 September 2016

Announcing the project via Website and other media (logo will be used), Nanning City, Guangxi, 01 October 2016 to 08 October 2016

Opening ceremony and press release (log will be used), Nanning City, Guangxi, 06 March 2017 to 11 March 2017

Training program (logo will be used as backdrop), Nanning City, Guangxi, 13 March 2017 to 31 March 2017

Closing ceremony (logo will be used), Nanning City, Guangxi, 03 April 2017 to 08 April 2017

Social Media: LinkedIn account: Lawrence T. Lam, Facebook account: Lawrence Lam

Australia-China Council grant offer: $35,000.00

Total project value: $35,000.00

Last Updated: 6 September 2016
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