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Launch of Power Footy schools football program into Sichuan Province

Sector: Sport

Country location: mainland China

Grantee: Port Adelaide Football Club

Project description

Port Adelaide Football Club (PAFC) will develop and execute an Australian Rules program under the banner of Power Footy in schools in Sichuan Province. This project will include the execution of the program in participating schools in curriculum and as an after school activity.

PAFC will also develop links with sports universities in Sichuan Province to facilitate Australian Rules football to become a part of the curriculum for physical education teachers. This would ensure that teachers capable of teaching Australian Rules football would graduate each year, and be accessible to participating schools.

PAFC staff and players (past or present) would travel to Sichuan on a regular basis, for stakeholder management, promotion and expansion.

Key dates

Program announcement, Adelaide, 6 August 2018

National Power Footy Carnival, Shanghai, 7 June 2019

Ongoing program, Sichuan Province, September 2018 to August 2021

Social media: Website, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook

Grant Offer: $60,000 (multi-year funding - $20,000 over three years)

Total project value: $260,000

Last Updated: 22 August 2018
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