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Haymarket HQ Bamboo Academy – Expert facilitated China accelerator program

Sector: Economic Diplomacy, Trade, Business

Country location: Australia, mainland China

Grantee: Haymarket HQ PTY LTD

Photo of people listening, graphic with text: Haymarket HQ
TEDx @ Haymarket HQ, 2017 (Credit: TEDx Haymarket)

Project description

New and emerging organisations attempting to enter the China market are faced with several challenges. These include a lack of access to successful entrepreneurs and a network with knowledge and experience in the China market, and a lack of understanding of local market dynamics, consumer behaviour and market-entry options.

The project will provide Australian organisations with the skills, tools and network to engage with China. Haymarket HQ (HHQ) seeks to provide in-depth education and economic diplomacy for improved cultural literacy, engagement, trade and investment links between Australia and both first-tier and second, third and fourth-tier locations across China. As part of this project the HHQ's Bamboo Academy China will launch a six-month accelerator program that delivers six practical, short and targeted modules delivered at HHQ and streamed live across Australia and Greater China. The program will involve high social media engagement and will be facilitated by experienced entrepreneurs to nurture and mentor the next generation of Australian businesses into China.

Key dates

Opening ceremony, Australia-wide, 4 February 2019

Start of the program, Sydney, 4 March to 1 October 2019

Social media: /// /// /// WeChat: Haymarket HQ

Australia-China Council grant offer: $40,000

Total project value: $40,000

Last Updated: 22 August 2018
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