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Application guidelines

The Australia-China Council is intended to strengthen foundations and develop new frontiers of Australia-China partnership. The function of the Council is to make recommendations to the Australian Government through the Minister for Foreign Affairs on strengthening the Australia-China relationship in ways that support Australia's foreign and trade policy interests (Australia-China Council Executive Order, 30 May 2008).

The strategic goals of the Australia-China Council are:

  1. To strengthen the foundations of engagement - China literacy, business and cultural capabilities of Australian institutions and people
  2. To seek and foster new areas of engagement between Australia and China across business, knowledge and creative sectors
  3. To enhance understanding in China of Australian society, economy, politics and culture through the Australian Studies in China Program
  4. To showcase Australian creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation in China
  5. To generate, disseminate and make accessible high-quality, relevant and up-to-date information about Australia-China relations
  6. To facilitate dialogue, develop professional and institutional networks between Australia and China and harness the leadership of Australian communities in strengthening bilateral connectivity

The objectives of the Australia-China Council 2017-18 grant round are centred on four areas – Education, Economic Diplomacy, Arts and Culture and Australian Studies in China - and are underpinned by three cross-cutting themes - Mobility, Technology and Capabilities and New Areas of Engagement.

  1. Education: Support practical and effective solutions to enhance China literacy, business and cultural capabilities of Australian institutions and people to effectively engage with China, and promote education, science and innovation connectivity between Australia and China
  2. Economic Diplomacy: Promote diversity, growth and innovation of Australia's trade and investment relationship with China
  3. Arts and Culture: Showcase Australian arts and creative industries to Chinese audiences and build closer and broader cultural and artistic partnerships
  4. Australian Studies in China: Consolidate and strengthen the Australian Studies in China Program

Consistent with these objectives, in 2017-18 the Australia-China Council welcomes applications that are relevant to the following:

  1. The 45th anniversary of Australia's diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China (2017); and
  2. The 40th anniversary of the founding of the Australia-China Council (2018).

Last Updated: 3 February 2017
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