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2014-15 Competitive Project Awards

Name(s) Institution(s) Project Title Funding Amount Approved
Liu Tingting Anhui University The Representation of Australian History in Peter Carey's Works. $5,000
Liu Yanyang Nanjing University Exploring the joint effects of heredity and stress on Australian adolescents' mental health $5,000
Li Wu Northwestern Polytechnical University Interpreting Australian English and Australian Culture $5,000
Julan Wang Shanghai University Education for Sustainability in Australian Schools and its Implications for China $5,500
Mingbo Yu Nanjing University Reforms of Australia's Skilled Migration policy during the Howard Government and Its Influence upon Chinese New Immigrants $5,000
Lie Jie Inner Mongolia University An Inquiry into the Bilingual Education of Aboriginal People in Australia $5,000
Jiang-qiang Zhu Zhejiang University An Anthology of Contemporary Australian Fiction $4,000
Wang Labao; Fang Hong; Huang Jie Soochow University 2014 Australian Literary Studies in China $4,500
To-hai Liou National Chengchi University International Conference on Australia-Asia Relations under Prime Minister Tony Abbott $5,000
Wendy Lee Bowcher; Zhang Peiwen; Wen Suijin; Chen Jing Sun Yat-sen University Australian Society and Culture through Classic Australian Films $5,500
Chen Changwei Peking University The Disbandment of ANZUK and end of the Anglo-Australian Defence Partnership $5,800
Chunli Xing; Ann Brewster Tsinghua University The Nexus of Whiteness and Indigineity in Contemporary Australian Novels $6,000
Yang Rong; Bian Ruaxi Nanjing University The Pattern of Australia's Policies and Actions towards ASEAN and its Inspirations for China $4,700
Yang Zhenyu (Kent) Inner Mongolia University The focus of the Australian Press on China: a corpus-based study $5,000
Lei Fang Jiangsu Normal University Contemporary Australian Chinese Communities and Public Diplomacy of China and Australia $5,000
Zhang Wei Shandong University at Weihai Sojourners: The History of Chines in Australia 1830-1880 (Translation project and publication subsidy) $4,000
Gao Shuqin Peking University Neo-mercantilism and neo-liberalism in international energy paradigm: Australian dilemmas between China and the U.S. $5,000
Prof Yan Dei; Ye Xiarong Sichuan Normal University Research on factors influencing public's risk perception and collective action of mining projects in China $5,000
ASC at Remnin U Remnin University The 15th Australian Culture Week at RUC featured with the 4th RUC-Deakin Joint conference on China-Australian Relations and a Series of Cultural Activities $3,000
Sherry Tao Kong; Ryan Manuel; Yin Danqing Peking University Survey of the Image of China in Australia and the Image of Australia in China: A Scoping Study $5,500
Wang Yan Xiamen University A Study of the Role of Agriculture in Australian Economic Growth Based on the Ripple Effect of Agriculture on Other Sectors $5,000
Jiang Fuyang East China Normal University Disabled People's Welfare in Australia and Its Implications for China $5,000
Hu Dan Beijing Foreign Studies University Australian Economy and Its Economic Relations with China: developing a course for MA candidates of Australian Studies $5,000
Dai Fan Sun Yat-Sen University Exploring Collaboration in Teaching Creative Writing Between Chinese and Australian Universities $4,500
Duan Manfu Inner Mongolia University An International Symposium on a Parallel Study of Australian Indigenous People and Chinese Mongolian Nationality $5,000

Last Updated: 19 February 2015
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