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2012-13 Competitive Project Awards

2012-13 Competitive Project Awards
Name(s) Institution Project Title Funding Amount Approved
Dou Wei BFSU Curriculum Development: Gender Issues in Australian Society $5,000
Yinan Li BFSU Telling Australian Stories: Cultural policy and Australian Identity $5,000
ECNU ECNU 11th ECNU-ACC Cup China Australia Friendship English Contest $5,000
Li Hui ECNU Australia's sugar industry and its implications for China $5,000
Zhenjun Gan Huaibei Normal U China-Australia relations at local provincial level: a case investigation and study on Anhui Province $2,000
Feng Lei Inst Disaster Prevention Eco-criticism and the Religious Beliefs of Australian Aborigines $5,000
Chenglin Chen
Fang Yu
Jiangsu Normal University On the Adjustment of Australian Refugee Policy aft the World War II $5,000
Leng Hui Liaoning Normal U Australian Aboriginal "Dreaming" Worldviews in Action: Quantative and Qualitative Analyses of Carpentaria by Alexis Wright $1,500
Qiliang Jiang Nanjing U Changing Chinese perceptions of Australia: A shift in Australia-China public diplomacy $5,000
Tian Liu Nantong Interpretation of traditional inheritance and multicultural maintenance in Cloudstreet from the perspective of literary regionalism $5,000
Yang Baolin Northwest Normal U Reconstructing Australian Myth: A study of David Williamson's Plays $6,000
Changwei Chen Peking U Whitlam as a Realist: A Reappraisal of his Government's Policy towards the United Kingdom, 1972-1975 $6,000
Liu Lian
Yang Wenjing
Renmin U Time orientation of Students in China & Australia $5,000
Fang Hong Soochow U A Study of Contemporary Australian Fiction from the Perspective of the Miles Franklin Literary Award $6,000
Hou Fei Soochow U A Study of Ethics in Tim Winton's novels $5,000
Hua Suyang Soochow U A study of Christina Stead's fiction on the marginalized and her transnational perspective $5,000
Xu Daozhi U Hong Kong Indigenous Cultural Capital: Rewriting and Reconciliation in the Post-Mabo Australian Children's Literature $5,000
Yang Yongchun USST USST MA Program: Australian Literature Course Development $500
Dongyan LU Xiamen U Research on the Establishment of Free Trade Area between Australia and China $5,000
Feixiang Huang Xiamen U Australia: How to avoid the resource curse? $5,000
Meibo Huang Xiamen U An analysis of China's investment in Australian Resource Sector: Problems and Feasible Coutermeasures $5,000
Luo Xiao Qing Xihua U A Comparative Study of the Writing of Barbara Hanrahan and Beverley Farmer $5,000
Zheng Xiaoyan (Evelyn) Xihua U Male Images in Australian Women Writers' Short Fiction from 1965 - 1995: the Meaning and the Reasons $5,000
Last Updated: 27 September 2013
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