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2008-09 Australia-China Council Australian Studies Competitive Projects Funding

澳中理事會 2008-09 澳洲研究競爭項目資助

Name(s) Institution(s) Project Title Amount Awarded
Li Juanjun BFSU Publication of "Australian Through
the Eyes of the Chinese"
Pu Shanjuan BFSU Primary resources and Australian values:
media analysis of attitudes to the export of energy products to China
Xu Huanhuan BFSU Caring for water vulnerability and integrated
water resources management in the Murray-Darling Basin in Australia
Yunbo Jiao Chinese People's Public Security U Crime Mapping in Australia and Its Implications
for Chinese Policing
Hou Minyue
Peng Hianhui
ECNU The post-1949 Non-governmental ties
between China and Australia
Zhao Lili
Zhang Liwan
ECNU Australian Aboriginal Arts $6,500
Lu Yanhua
IMU A Comparative Study of Aboriginal Austraians
and Northern Ethnic Groups in China
Yang Yunyu Nantong U Curriculum development: Australian film
National Chengchi U International conference on cross-straits
economic relations and Australia
Ding Dou Peking U China's investment in Australian resource
industry and its implications of political economy
Ning Su SASS Urban Renewal in current Australian
metropolis and its implication to China
Zhang Wei Shandong U at Weihai The History of Chinese in Australian
(Translation Project)
Huang Yuanshen
Wang Hui
SIFT Revision of 'A History of Australian
Wang Jinghui Tsinghua U Developing Australian Studies at Tsinghua
Jiao Lili
Li Yan
USST A Comparative Study of Chinese and Australian
Children's Literature and the Inspiration of Australian Children's Literature
towards Children's Education in China
Xu Xianjing USST Voicews from The Subaltern: a case study
of Australian Aboriginal Writer Sally Morgan's 'My Place' and Chines
Muslim Writer Huo Da's 'Muslim's Funderal'
Xiuyu Shangguan Xiamen U The sino-Australian Iron Ore trade and
investment benefiting both the countries and their inerest optimization
Zheng Xiaoyan
Xihua U Approaching Beverley Farmer: A Writer
of Duality
Gao Wenyan Xuzhou Normal U Identity of Chinese Ikmmigrants in Australia
and its influence on Sino-Australia Relations
Xu Zhongyi Zhejiang Yuexiu U of Foreign Languages A comparative study of Teachers' Training
in vocational education between China and Australia
Total $100,000
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