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2007-08 Australia-China Council Australian Studies Competitive Projects Funding

澳中理事會 2007-08 澳洲研究競爭項目資助

Name(s) Institution(s) Project Title Funding Amount Approved
Li Jianjun Beijing Foreign Studies University Publication of "Australia Through the Eyes of the Chinese" $2,000
Yang Yongchun University of Shanghai for Science and Technology The Discourse Difference Between White Fiction and Aboriginal
Fiction: A case study of white fiction, Capricornia, Coonardoo and
Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith vs Aboriginal Fiction, My Place and
Follow the Rabbit Proof Fence
Diana Tsai National Sun-Yat Sen University Global Competitiveness of Taiwanese, Chinese and Australian
Enterprises: Decomposing Profitability,  Productivity,
Dividends and the Linkage to Institutional Innovation
Jinling Shi
Wu Jia
Xuzhou Normal University Investigation of the Image of Australia in Chinese Universities
and Colleges
Yang Jincai Nanjing University Orientalist Features in Brian Castro's Novels $3,000
Wang Liangcun Anhui University Modernism in Australian Short Fiction $4,000
Zhenjun Gan Xuzhou Normal University The Marine Rights and Interest of Australia and Sino-Australian
Fanqi Zheng Xiamen University A Comparative Study of the Service Industries between Australia
and China and their Optimized Cooperation
Feng Lei Xihua University A contrastive Study: Stylistic Analysis of My Place and
Bi Zhoupin Suzhou University Judith Wright's Poetics $5,000
Cai Yongji
Gao Huirong
East China Normal University Urban Studies in Australia and its Reflections Upon Chinese
Fang Zimin
Wang Min
East China Normal University Joint Efforts in HIV/AIDS Prevention between Australia and
Jiang Junyan
Liu Danni
East China Normal University Australian Fashion Today $5,000
Liu Pingping (Lily) University of Shanghai for Science and Technology Crucial Connections: Visiting the actual Australian landscapes
of John Kinsella's famed pastoral trilogy to enable a connection
between the texts of “The Silo”, “The Hunt”
and “The New Arcadia” and contemporary Eco-critical
theory to be made. Consequently to apply this research to preparing
an application for a forthcoming PhD project at an Australian
University such as ECU.
Liu Yinjing University of Shanghai for Science and Technology Research for Thesis on the Surviving Problems of Aboriginal
People in a Post-colonial Society in the Novel Carpentaria and
Meilian Xu Xiamen University Export Efficiency and Its Determinants: a Cross-country
Comparison between Australia and China
Qiusheng Zhang Xuzhou Normal University Sister Province/City Relationship and Its Impact on
Sino-Australia's Relations
Shen Jin Jing Beijing Foreign Studies University A Documentary Analysis of Australian Multicultural Policy under
the Howard Government
Shu Yu Renmin University Formulation of Australian Image Overseas $5,000
Wang Guanglin
Zhou Xiaojin
Xu Kai
Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade A Comparative Study of Australian and American "Frontier"
Wu  Baokang
Zhang Yan
Shanghai Customs College Alex Miller Study $5,000
Zhang Wei Shandong University W H Donald (1857 - 1946) and China $5,000
Zhang Xiuqing (Mamie) Inner Mongolia University Australian Fiction Writers of Wheat Lands and Pastoral Lands: a
Research into Selected West Australian Authors and their Responses
to Environments that bear Comparison with the Grasslands of Inner
Total $100,000
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