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2002-3 Australia-China Council Australian Studies Competitive Projects Funding


Name Australian Studies Centre Affiliation Australian Host/ Participant Project ACC Funding
Ms Cai Hongxia (蔡紅霞) Beijing Foreign Studies University University of Melbourne Research for thesis on the Australian Greens and the Australian Environment
Ms Chen Jie Shanghai University of Science and Technology University of Melbourne Research for thesis on George Nicholas and his contributions to Medical
Prof To-hai Liou(劉德海) National Chengchi University ------------ "Australian Studies in Taiwan" Website $5,000
Prof Jou-jou Chu (朱柔若) National Sun Yat-Sen University Griffith University Research for report on Taiwanese Immigration in Brisbane - Social and
Cultural Needs & Political and Community Participation
Ms Dai Yin-Feng (戴銀風) East China Normal University University of Queensland Research for thesis on G.E. Morrison and the 1911 Revolution in China $5,000
Fan Lin (樊琳)& Chen Feini (陳菲妮) East China Normal University La Trobe University Publication on Literary Criticism in Australia $5,000
Ms Guo Li (郭丽) Peking University University of Melbourne Research for thesis on Cultural Dialogue between Whites and Aborigines
in the life writing of the "Stolen Generation"
Prof Han Feng (韓鋒) Chinese Academy of Social Sciences ---------- Research for workshop and paper on Australian Asian Policy after "9.11"
and Anti-Terrorism in the Asia-Pacific Region
Mr Li Jianjun (李建军) Beijing Foreign Studies University ----------- Publication on Australia in Chinese Eyes? $4,500
Ms Li Ping (李平) Renmin University Deakin University Research for paper on Australian Women Writing on China in the 20thCentury $5,000
Liu Qiao, Luo Sha, Ma Lin, Liu Shanshan & Feng Caihong Beijing Foreign Studies University ----------- Paper on Australian NGOs in China $5,000
Ms Shen Hui (沈慧)& Wang Yiqing (王一卿) East China Normal University ---------- "ECNU-ACC Cup" English Speech Contest $4,000
Mr Peng Qinglong (彭青龍) Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade La Trobe University Research for thesis on Australia & its Identity - A Critical Study
of the Works of Peter Carey
Ms Song Xiaorong (宋筱蓉) Anhui University University of Western Sydney Research for thesis on Monk-Australia's Ah Q: A Comparative Study between
Luxun's The True Story of Ah Q and Jack Hibberd's A Stretch
of Imagination
Mr Sun Sizhong (孫思忠) Xiamen University Australian National University Research for thesis on Sino-Australian Economic and Trade Cooperation $5,500
Profs Wang Guo-fu(王国富), Wang Labao
(王腊宝)& Yang Jincai
Suzhou and Nankai Universities ------------ CASA Workshop on Australian Languages, Literature & Culture $6,000
Profs Xia Yuhe & Li Youwen (李又文) Beijing Foreign Studies University ----------- Translation and publication of Exploring Australia in China $10,000
Prof Ye Sheng-nian(叶胜年)& Wu Guo-bing Shanghai University of Science and Technology University of Melbourne Publication on Australian Agriculture and Medicine $5,000
Prof Yin Ru-Xiang (殷汝祥), Lin Li &
Sheng Yu
Nankai University -------------- Publication on China entry to the WTO and its impact on Sino-Australian
Bilateral Trade
A/Prof Yang Biao --------------- Deakin University - Dr Stephen Alomes Research for paper on Comparative Studies of Australian and Chinese History


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