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Financial Integration in the Asia-Pacific

Project summary

Jeremy Duffield, Andrew Robb and Amy Auster
ACFS Chairman, Jeremy Duffield, Australia's Minister for Trade and Investment, The Hon Andrew Robb AO MP, ACFS Executive Director and Project Leader, Amy Auster (Photo: Martin Foo)

Sector: Trade, Economic and Business linkages

Countries: Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia

Grantee: Monash University

Project Description

The Australian Centre for Financial Studies has initiated a long-term research project that will assess the implications of Asia's rise for Australia's financial services industry, as well as for the underlying payments, trade and capital flows that enable the smooth functioning of economic activity. The integration in the Asia-Pacific project will analyse the prospects for deeper integration of financial services and financial markets and evaluate what this could mean for the financial ecosystems of Australia and the Asia-Pacific.

The Asia-Pacific region is among the most financially restrictive and fragmented in the world, and this fragmentation has significant negative consequences for consumers and businesses. The project aims to bring forward evidence to enable a dialogue around the true benefits and costs of financial integration. It will provide Australian and Asian industry practitioners, policymakers and other stakeholders with the data and research necessary to enhance long-term strategic planning and decision-making. The plan is for the project to be conducted over three years, with deliverables on roughly a 6-monthly basis.

Key dates:

22-29 April 2016 - Workshop/symposium in conjunction with Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership negotiating round, Perth, Australia

19-23 September 2016 – Workshop/symposium, Singapore

Social media accounts: @australiancfs,

Australia-ASEAN Council grant offer: $20,000

Related Australia-China Council Grant: $20,000

Total project value: $400,000

Last Updated: 20 January 2016
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