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Disaster Resilience Education Capacity Building in South-East Asia

Project summary

people walking across a bridge talking to each other
University of Newcastle Project Personnel - Drs Gajendran, Kanjanabootra, Von Meding, Giggins and Brewer (left to right) (Photo: Dr Giuseppe Forino)

Sector: Education

Countries: Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam

Grantee: University of Newcastle

Project Description

The 'Disaster Resilience Education Capacity Building in South-East Asia' project will draw upon the University of Newcastle's particular position as a centre for resilience education excellence in order to build capacity in the ASEAN region, leveraging the recent partnership with the United Nations that established a Centre for Disaster Risk Reduction and made Newcastle a UN City. The project will further our understanding of regional challenges that result from complex problems generated by natural hazards and human induced threats. The overarching aim of the project will be to create regional synergies between leading higher education institutions while building capacity in ASEAN countries to proactively address disaster risk and build resilience through education.

The University of Newcastle (Australia), Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT, Thailand), the University of the Philippines (UP) and the National University of Civil Engineering (NUCE, Vietnam) will form a robust regional network with the collective capacity to lead initiatives that protect society from shocks to physical, socio-cultural, politico-economic and natural systems. Each institution brings unique disciplinary expertise in Architecture and Construction Management (UON), Urban and Regional Planning (UP) and Civil/Environmental Engineering (USM, NUCE and AIT).

Social media accounts: @Uni_Newcastle, @UON_FEBE, @UoNDisasterDev, @vonmeding, @beehelzebub, @51771mont,

Australia-ASEAN Council grant offer: $77,000

Total project value: $147,664

Last Updated: 14 December 2015
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