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ASEAN-Australia Youth Forum

Sector: Education
Country location: Australia
Grantee: Asia Education Foundation

Project Description

In March 2018 the Asia Education Foundation will host an ASEAN-Australia Youth Forum in Sydney for more than 60 Australian students from years 9 to 11.

This student-centered, full-day program is designed to deepen participants understanding of the member countries of ASEAN and Australia's relationship with the region.

Throughout the day students will be asked to simulate a meeting between the leaders of Australia and ASEAN Member States. Students will have the opportunity to present their allocated country's position on the issues they, as nations, are facing. Importantly, students will discuss and propose agreements with the aim to reach mutually agreeable solutions through negotiation and consensus building.

Students will also have the opportunity to hear from, and be guided by, expert speakers and facilitators, who will share their insights about the key issues and opportunities facing the region and the importance of Australia's engagement with South-East Asia.

Enabling students to apply their knowledge and skills to solve problems in real world situations is an essential step in building their capabilities to be active and informed global citizens.

Key Dates

  • ASEAN-Australia Youth Forum, Sydney, Australia, 12 March 2018 to 16 March 2018
  • Commentary Analysis – Publication, Australia wide – Online platform to 12 April 2018

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Australia-ASEAN Council grant offer: $15,610.97
Total project value: $22,368.45

Last Updated: 1 August 2018
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