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Council on Australia Latin America Relations Strategic Plan 2020-2023

The Council on Australia Latin America Relations (COALAR) is a non-statutory advisory body sponsored by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. It brings together accomplished representatives to ensure Australia’s engagement with Latin America benefits from a wide variety of experiences and insights.

COALAR activities implement innovative approaches and solutions to increase engagement, networks and sustainable collaborations between Australia and Latin America. Where appropriate, COALAR will complement and leverage other programs and initiatives, both government and private sector, to improve its effectiveness.

Through its competitive annual grant round, COALAR supports activities that have clear outcomes, broad benefits and are likely to prove self-sustaining from capable Australian and Latin American individuals and/or organisations.


COALAR’s mission is to promote economic, political and social relations between Australia and Latin America.


COALAR’s objectives are to:

  • promote and strengthen links between Australia and Latin America in the priority areas of business, education, sustainability, tourism and cultural promotion;
  • promote economic diplomacy and build closer engagement between corporate Australia and Latin America; and
  • increase awareness and understanding of Australia in Latin America, and of Latin America in Australia.

The Council promotes relations between Australia and Latin America (in particular - Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, El Salvador, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay)

2020 to 2023 Strategies

Priority Considerations

To achieve its objectives, COALAR will give preference to activities that build connections and support activities that create impact, grow sustainable linkages, overcome a recognised problem, or leverage a program to build deeper connections between Australia and Latin America.

All supported activities must align with COALAR's objectives, report on outcomes, and meet appropriate standards of probity, efficiency and value for money. COALAR will not support activities that directly benefit the commercial interests of a single enterprise or where other sources of funding (including commercial funding) would be more appropriate and readily available.

COALAR will identify central themes and criteria for success in its annual business plan. These will deliver economic growth, education and research, and culture and community impacts that strengthen the relationship between Australia and Latin America. 

Members will undertake a range of outreach activities to advance actively COALAR objectives, including personal contact with key decision-makers in government and business.

COALAR will review and improve the guidance to grant recipients to improve the strategic impact of grants, evaluate performance and encourage continuous improvement.


  1. Develop relationships with relevant stakeholders in Australia and Latin America to identify strategic collaboration and engagement opportunities.
  2. Promote and support economic diplomacy projects and activities that facilitate and grow new business opportunities.
  3. Support strategic two-way visits of Australia and Latin America’s leaders and influencers.
  4. Use activities, programs, awards and networks to promote Australia and Latin America as dynamic and diverse societies.
  5. Encourage innovative approaches to strengthen links, such as technology and new capabilities.
  6. Increase COALAR’s online and social media presence to support connections between Australia and Latin America.
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