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Notarial services

Authentications and Apostilles

Overseas governments sometimes need proof that Australian Documents, or the signatures of Australian officials on documents, are genuine before they will accept them. We are able to service these documents with the required Apostille or Authentication stamp, by validating the official signature, stamp or seal, against records held on our data base. This is a legal process and we will only issue Stamps once we are satisfied that the signature, stamp or seal on a document is not fraudulent. Instances of attempted fraud in the past means that we need to be cautious about issuing an Authentication or Apostille .

You should check with the government of the country concerned to find out which stamp is required and on which documents (if any) you need to have serviced This advice can only be provided by the overseas government you are dealing with, or with those countries that have embassies and/or consulates in Australia.

Certificates of No Impediment (CNI)

If you are a citizen or permanent resident of Australia and seeking to marry overseas, the laws of some countries require that before a foreigner may marry within their jurisdiction, he or she must provide a Certificate of No Impediment (CNI). However, some countries will only accept certificates issued by their local Australian Embassy or Consulate (Overseas Mission). Consequently confirmation with the relevant authorities in which the marriage is to take place, must be sought. You can refer to the appropriate Overseas Mission website under "Service for Australians" for information on their requirements.

In the event that the foreign authority will accept a Certificate of No Impediment, the application form can be printed from the website Marriages Overseas please contact us for further information regarding our lodgement requirements.

Processing and Lodgement Requirements

The processing turnaround time for documents is Two (2) working days.

You can lodge your documentation at our office.

We are located at:

Australian Passport Office (Notarial Unit)
Level 13, Casselden Place
2 Lonsdale Street (corner of Spring Street)
Melbourne VIC 3000

Office hours are from 8.30am to 1.00pm Monday to Friday. No appointment is necessary.

Alternatively you can post your documents to us, together with your payment and a Notarial Service Request

Documents should be mailed to:

Australian Passport Office
Notarial Unit
GPO Box 1588

Frequently asked questions

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