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Cyber Cooperation Program

Cyber Bootcamp Project

The Cyber Bootcamp Project provides practical expert advice and skills training to government officials from ASEAN and Pacific countries. The Project aims to build participant's knowledge and awareness across the full breath of cyber affairs issues – from technology and threats to decision-making and the nature of cyber and beyond.

A flagship activity of Australia's Cyber Cooperation Program, the Cyber Bootcamp Project is delivered by the Australian National University's Cyber Institute, in partnership with the National Security College. The Bootcamps combine international best practice with firsthand expertise from Australia's cyber policy and operational specialists across government, academia and the private sector.

The Cyber Bootcamp Project aims to:

  • Strengthen understanding of strategies for coordinating national cyber policy.
  • Strengthen understanding of cyber terminology, internet architecture, and security policies.
  • Increase awareness of cyber threats and challenges faced in both Australia and within our region.
  • Promote the application of international stability framework for cyber security.
  • Promote collaborative relationships between government, academia, civil society, and the private sector to address joint cyber challenges.
  • Identify incident response roles and responsibilities.

Each Cyber Bootcamp includes a two-week intensive program in Australia, where participants engage in interactive workshops, exercise scenarios, industry site visits, and dialogues with Australian government agencies. As part of the program participants will implement a project which responds to a cyber-challenge or opportunity relevant to their domestic roles that will contribute to a cyber-resilient Indo-Pacific.

The Cyber Bootcamp Project will be delivered up to three times per year over the next four years to selected ASEAN and Pacific countries.

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