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Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s commitment to anti-corruption and bribery


Foreign bribery and other types of corruption skew competition, inhibit business growth and ultimately shrink the global market for Australian exports and investment.

DFAT recognises that corruption creates market access barriers for Australian companies. The Australian Government can assist Australians and Australian companies to repel corrupt approaches from foreign public officials by working closely with foreign governments to improve governance and accountability.

Any Australian or Australian company that encounters a corrupt approach, and is unable to repel such an approach through its own efforts, is encouraged to contact the relevant Australian diplomatic mission for assistance.


Officials from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade have a responsibility, under the Australian Public Service Values, the Code of Conduct and the DFAT Code of Conduct for Overseas Service, to report instances involving Australians or Australian companies that could reasonably be suspected of amounting to a breach of an Australian extraterritorial offence (that is, serious Australian offences that apply in a different jurisdiction overseas) to the Australian Federal Police.

More information

The Attorney-General's Department provides further information on the range of international instruments and meetings in which Australia participates – see Corruption.

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