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Climate change

SciTech4Climate: Harnessing science and technology to support climate resilience in the Indo-Pacific

To mark Science and Innovation Day at COP26, Australia has launched a new $5.5million science and technology partnership to support climate resilience in the Indo-Pacific.

Australia’s Science and Technology for Climate Partnerships (SciTech4Climate) will connect leading Australian scientists and climate specialists with development partners in the Indo-Pacific to ensure our region’s response to climate change is supported by the best available science and technological advances.


Through SciTech4Climate, DFAT is partnering with Australia's national science agency, CSIRO and one of our world class tertiary institutes, the Australian National University (ANU), to develop practical actions to adapt to the effects of climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the Indo‑Pacific.

CSIRO and ANU scientists and experts will work closely with partner governments, industry and local communities to translate cutting-edge science into novel, locally appropriate solutions to climate challenges. These partnerships will help our neighbours adapt to climate change and build their resilience to the challenges ahead.


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Photo credit: Benjamin L. Jones
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