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Climate change

Australia and the UNFCCC

Australia values transparency and submits regular national reports to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in line with its reporting requirements.

As a signatory to the UNFCCC, Australia is required to submit a National Communication every four years and a Biennial Report every two years.  Australia's Seventh National Communication was submitted in December 2017, and Fourth Biennial Report in December 2019. These reports include details on Australia's emissions, progress towards our targets, projections, mitigation actions, and financial, technological and capacity-building support to developing countries. They are reviewed by teams of UNFCCC technical experts and serve as inputs for multilateral assessments on countries' progress towards their emissions reduction targets. Note that this is in addition to the Biennial Communication (2020) submitted to the UNFCCC every two years which outlines Australia’s forward looking outlook on climate finance investments overseas to support climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Australia also prepares annual National Inventory Reports with Quarterly Updates, outlining our greenhouse gas emissions and removals. Copies of reports from Australia and other Parties can be found on the UNFCCC National Inventory Submissions portal.

The UNFCCC also invites Parties to offer views through submissions. Australia has made submissions to various Subsidiary Bodies and Ad Hoc Working Groups to help inform negotiations and better represent Australia's interests. Australia's submissions are publicly available through the UNFCCC Submission Portal along with submissions from other Parties.

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