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Sanctions regimes


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Australia fully implements the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) sanctions regime in relation to Iraq.

The UNSC adopted resolution 661 (1990) on 6 August 1990 imposing the sanctions regime in response to Iraq's invasion of Kuwait that month. The sanctions regime has been amended and renewed by several subsequent UNSC resolutions.

While the UNSC has lifted several sanctions measures imposed during the Saddam Hussein era, it has not removed all sanctions measures in relation to Iraq.

This page summarises the current sanctions measures imposed by the UNSC and implemented by Australia in relation to Iraq.

This page also includes information on de-listing requests from a designated person or entity and useful links.

Restrictions on the export or supply of goods

Australian law prohibits the direct or indirect supply, sale or transfer to Iraq of the following 'export sanctioned goods':

arms or related matériel

without a sanctions permit.

Conditions for the grant of a sanctions permit

The Minister for Foreign Affairs may grant a sanctions permit authorising the supply of arms or related matériel if the supply:

If you assess that your activity satisfies this condition, you may apply for a sanctions permit using the Online Sanctions Administration System (OSAS).

Implementing legislation

Restrictions on dealing with cultural property

Australian law prohibits:

  • giving 'illegally removed cultural property' for Iraq to another person;
  • trading in 'illegally removed cultural property' for Iraq; and
  • transferring the title of 'illegally removed cultural property' for Iraq.

'Illegally removed cultural property' for Iraq is defined as:

  • Iraqi cultural property; and
  • other items of archaeological, historical, cultural, rare scientific and religious importance

that has been illegally removed from the Iraq National Museum, the Iraq National Library and other locations in Iraq since 6 August 1990.

Implementing legislation

Restrictions on using or dealing with assets

Australian law prohibits the use of dealing with a 'controlled asset' for Iraq.

A 'controlled asset' for Iraq as defined as:

  • an asset of the previous government of Iraq that was located in Australia on 22 May 2003; or
  • an asset that has been removed from Iraq, or acquired, by a 'designated person or entity' for Iraq.

The Consolidated List includes the names of all designated persons and entities.

Implementing legislation

De-listing requests from a designated person or entity

A person or entity designated for the purposes of the UNSC sanctions regime in relation to Iraq may submit a de-listing request either through the Focal Point for De-Listing established by UNSC resolution 1730 (2006), or through the person or entity's country of citizenship or residence.

Last Updated: 18 April 2019
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