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Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA)

IORA Chair

The United Arab Emirates became the chair of IORA in November 2019. There are two vice chairs, consisting of the previous and next IORA chairs who, together with the chair, comprise the IORA leadership Troika. Currently, the vice chairs are held by South Africa (IORA Chair 2017-19) and Bangladesh (incumbent chair 2021-2023). A subsequent Chair will be decided at the 2020 Council of Ministers.

Past IORA chairs are: South Africa (2017-19); Indonesia (2015-17); Australia (2013-2015); India (2011-2013); Yemen (2009-2011); Iran (2006-2008); Sri Lanka (2003-2005); Oman (2001-2002); Mozambique (1999-2000) and Mauritius (1997-1998).

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