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Promoting strong national human rights institutions and capacity building

Independent national human rights institutions and a strong and robust civil society play a crucial role in preserving and advancing human rights. Australia is a strong advocate for strengthening the capacity of national human rights institutions to promote and protect human rights.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner Mick Gooda addresses the diplomatic corps and DFAT staff at the launch of DFAT's first comprehensive Indigenous Peoples Strategy. Canberra, 10 August 2015. Credit: DFAT.

Australia continues to assist regional governments and civil society to establish and strengthen national institutions in compliance with the minimum criteria contained in the Paris Principles for National Human Rights Institutions. We also support engagement by national human rights institutions in the United Nations.

Through our aid program, Australia continues to invest in capacity building. We are committed to achieving sustainable development outcomes by building long-term partnerships with other donors, regional and multilateral organisations and partner governments.

In the Human Rights Council, the UN Security Council and the General Assembly, Australia underlines the critical importance of building effective measures to provide early warning of mass human rights violations and abuses and appropriate preventive and accountability mechanisms.

Australia will continue to develop close partnerships with civil society in the design and delivery of our aid programs around the world.

Our Pledge:

  • As a Council member, Australia will work with other States to support the implementation of their international human rights obligations.
  • Australia will work to build capacity and strengthen national human rights institutions and civil society, especially in the Indo-Pacific region.
  • Australia will support the efforts of other States to increase awareness of human rights, address human rights violations and abuses, and hold those responsible to account.
  • Australia will continue to advocate in the Human Rights Council, the UN Security Council and the General Assembly for measures which facilitate the early warning of potential mass human rights abuses and appropriate preventative and accountability measures.
Last Updated: 26 February 2018
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