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MIKTA – Mexico, Indonesia, the Republic of Korea, Turkey, Australia

Seoul Statement, MIKTA Speakers’ Consultation 2015

1. We, the Speakers of the Parliaments of MIKTA (Mexico, Indonesia, Korea, Turkey*, and Australia) gathered in Seoul, Republic of Korea on July 1-5, 2015 for the inaugural MIKTA Speakers' Consultation held under the theme "Parliamentary Leadership for a Global Future" and discussed how the parliaments of the MIKTA countries could contribute to the international community and strengthen relations among members.

2. Taking note of our countries' similarities including democracy, open economies, diverse culture, and keen participation in the discussion of global issues, we welcome the call and efforts to improve dialogue between the MIKTA countries that can add value to our partnership in years ahead. We recognized the role of parliaments in creating an atmosphere in which elected representatives can discuss and debate issues openly.

3. Recognizing the varied and complex challenges facing the international community, such as: natural disasters; terrorism and transnational organized crime; climate change; maritime security; growing movements of displaced people and asylum seekers, including those triggered by regional instabilities; irregular flows of migrants; global poverty; and nuclear proliferation, we emphasize the significant role of the MIKTA countries in coordinated multi-dimensional responses at global, regional and national levels.

4. Reaffirming that MIKTA was launched in 2013 as an informal mechanism to explore ways and means for consulting on global issues, we share the view that the MIKTA Speakers' Consultation should serve as one of the platforms that contribute to the development of MIKTA.

5. We will continue to build the network of the MIKTA Speakers by holding regular meetings, including on the sidelines of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) assemblies and other multilateral fora, and bilateral talks. We will also make efforts to forge cooperative relations with relevant government ministries to assist MIKTA in contributing to good global governance.

6. Recognizing that the post-2015 development agenda, set to be adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in September, 2015, is crucial for the future of the international community, the parliaments of the MIKTA countries will seek to promote the oversight of implementation of the post-2015 development agenda.

7. Noting that the inaugural MIKTA Speakers' Consultation served to promote understanding and cooperation on major issues facing the MIKTA countries and their regions, we will continue to identify topics and strengthen collaboration that enable the Consultation to contribute to the stability and prosperity of the MIKTA countries, their regions and the world. We highlighted the importance of cooperation between sectors, including business, academia, civil society, local governments, and community groups.

8. Recognizing that resolving the North Korean nuclear issue and achieving a peaceful unification on the Korean Peninsula are critical to ensure peace and prosperity in Northeast Asia and beyond, we appreciate and support the multi-pronged efforts of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea, including an inter-Korean parliamentary Speakers' meeting as well as an inter-Korean parliamentary meeting, to lay the foundation for a peaceful unification through dialogue and cooperation.

9. Extending our sincere appreciation to the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea for the launch of the MIKTA Speakers' Consultation and acknowledging the Consultation will contribute to the evolution of MIKTA, we agreed to consider holding the 2nd MIKTA Speakers' Consultation in 2016.

*The President of the Turkish Grand National Assembly was represented by the Turkish Ambassador to the Republic of Korea due to the recent election process.

Last Updated: 10 July 2015
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